The Last Harvest

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Audelio Martinez

Marz Farms

Audelio came to the US in 1985 and began his work in agriculture as a harvester. He is the ultimate example of the American Dream. With relentless persistence and vision he’s built an enterprise, starting from just a few acres to being one of the largest US growers.

Despite being faced with unprecedented challenges such as labor shortages among other environmental impacts, Audelio maintains the same persistence and vision he did 30 years ago and believes that innovation is key to the future.


Patrick Sheehy

Los Padres Farm

Patrick Sheehy heads his family's multigenerational American farm. His family has been growing berries in California since the beginning, over 75 years.

Since filming The Last Harvest, Sheehy has announced his retirement. After 42 seasons, 2018 will be his last harvest. He faced innumerable challenges throughout his career and although he’s certain the industry will overcome hardships like the labor shortage, the time has come for him to pull back and enjoy his retirement. In his own words, "each new generation brings a new paradigm and ability to think out of the box." He’s hoping ingenuity from young growers will help the berry business thrive.


Miles Reiter

Driscoll's Chairman

J. Miles Reiter is a fourth-generation grower and grandson of one of Driscoll’s founders. Now the Chairman of Driscoll’s, he sees it as his responsibility as a leader to inspire others and evoke change. Miles offers a unique perspective on the opportunities still left untapped within agriculture. Miles dreams of innovative ways to bring consumers healthy, fresh products while finding solutions to the challenges growers currently face.


Manuel Magdaleno

Los Pasas Berry Farms

Manuel, similar to Audelio, came to the US through a guest worker program. He eventually worked his way up to owning a small scale farm of his own through the Reiter program. He was offered the opportunity to run larger scale operations but wanted to keep the intimacy of a smaller independent farm.

Manuel is uncertain of what the future holds based on the current outlook. His kids aren’t interested in taking over and innovation is more difficult to financially fund with a smaller farm. But Manuel isn’t ready to give up just yet, he’s hopeful that he can learn from growers like Audelio in order to stay in the game.


Hannah Freeman

Co-Founder and CEO of Ganaz and farming community expert

Hannah has worked in agriculture for 15 years starting her career at Fair Trade USA. Since then, she’s co-founded a technology company called Ganaz which allows growers a more efficient way to connect with, engage, and retain farm workers. Hannah is a passionate advocate for farm workers and provides valuable insight into how labor shortage negatively impacts the industry.